The Story

Based on a novella by Thomas de Quincey (Confessions of an Opium Eater) and fueled by visions of ’60s gialli, Those Who Deserve To Die is a thriller that subverts the formula of the revenge film, following its “hero” as he enacts a series of brutal crimes in the name of justice—without sharing with the viewer why these heinous acts are being committed. Goaded by the cold-hearted spirit of his dead ten-year-old sister Berenice, Jonathan wades into ever-deepening, ethically muddier water—not just punishing the guilty but extinguishing their bloodlines.

He meets a cynical social worker, Margaret, who senses that Jonathan’s moral compass has been damaged by his combat experiences. As Margaret tries to reorient Jonathan to a healthier path, Berenice looks for sadistic new ways to insure the completion of his task… for somewhere on the list of Those Who Deserve To Die… is Margaret herself.


Our Goal

We strive to make a unique film with the help of the Atlanta film community that the community can be proud of.

~ Bret Wood

The Filmmakers

Bret Wood

Director – is known for twisting the genres in which he works, finding fresh substance in the vampire film (The Unwanted), documentary (Hell’s Highway: The True Story of Highway Safety Films), erotic film (Psychopathia Sexualis), and stage adaptation (The Little Death). Likewise, Those Who Deserve To Die revisits the revenge film and clouds it with moral ambiguity and is injected with the same visual beauty and haunting tone that characterize Wood’s other work.

Adam K Thompson

Producer – In real life Adam works as a producer and photographer (amongst other things) for a local non-profit, but on the weekends he’s a filmmaker jack-of-all-trades (because you know… indie film). A staple of the Atlanta film scene since 2000, he’s eager to tell stories, whether they his own or those of others. While he might prefer gaffing or directing photography, he saw the need for a producer and decided to try his hand.

Chris Tsambis

Director of Photography – Chris is an Atlanta-based filmmaker and d.p. who lensed several of Bret’s previous films: The Other Half, The Little Death and The Unwanted. His works as director include 4 A.M. and an untitled Shia Leboeuf project, as well as music videos for Rebecca Loebe and New Terminus. When not making movies, Chris makes music, as guitarist/vocalist/songwriter for Eureka Failure, which is soon to release its second album.
Listen to Eureka Failure.

Their Crusade

Don’t take any chances. You’ve got to kill him too. We’ve got to kill ALL of them!

~ Berenice

The Actors

Joe Sykes

Jonathan – Moviegoers remember Joe Sykes best from V/H/S (“Amateur Night”) and Bret Wood’s The Little Death. TV viewers may recognize him from BET’s Being Mary Jane and The Game. A transplant from upstate New York, Joe is a celebrated actor on the Atlanta stage, most notably in three plays by Steve Yockey: Wolves, Pluto, and Blackberry Winter at Actor’s Express. He is a core ensemble member of Out of Hand Theater and has performed with the Aurora Theater (where he shared a Suzi Bass Award for Clybourne Park), Alliance Theatre, and the national comedy beacon Dad’s Garage.

Alice Lewis

Berenice – From an early age, Alice has been fascinated by horror and fantasy films. With the help of her mom, photographer Kelly Lewis (, Alice has spent the past few years assuming the identities of some of her favorite big-screen characters in elaborate photo shoots: Carrie White, Leeloo, Imperator Furiosa, Mathilda, Joan of Arc, among many others. In Those Who Deserve To Die, her first starring role, she looks forward to crafting an iconic character just as bold and unpredictable as those she admires. To view Alice’s work (and read her remarkable life story), visit her blog at

Rachel Frawley

Margaret – Rachel Frawley is an Atlanta Shakespeare Co. Apprentice Company graduate and currently studies at The Company Acting Studio. Some favorite theatre credits include Abigail in The Crucible, Charlotte Corday in The Revolutionists. Rachel can currently be seen as Hermia (and sometimes Helena) in Shit-faced Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and also in a staged reading The Taming by The Weird Sisters Theatre Project, for whom she is also a producer. She earned her B.F.A. in Theatre at Michigan State University.